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Welcome to the Model 'A' Ford Workshop

In The Workshop we do our Model A Ford restoration and research. We also maintain the research library, which includes general information on how Ford recommended maintaining the new Ford Model "A" with some additional updated tips.

The table below lists the topics currently under revue. As time permits and projects change, items will be added to the table. When you're ready to move on, click on the arrow and we'll move outside to The Corral.

Subject Description
Body Style Model Numbers  A complete list - plus answers to why
Understanding Part Numbers An explanation of what can be learned
Fun With Colors - the Deluxe
Roadster in different colors
Choose an original color
from the drop-down menu
Model A Headlamp and
Horn Conduits
Identifying the various original conduits
Focusing Your Headlamps Important for functional lights!
Installing a Closed Car Roof Tudor Sedan project
Model 'A' Ignition Timing Simple and accurate - Why is this new?
Model 'A' Ford Chassis Ford's paint and assembly procedures
Chassis Component Finishes Individual component listing (all years)
Fordor Door Alignment A step by step guide for closed bodies
Roadster Door Alignment A step by step guide for Roadsters
Front Wheel Alignment Ford's method and today's options
Rear End Rebuilding Supplementary information
Headlamp Adjustment 1928-early'29 "H" type headlamp
Headlamp Adjustment 1929 thru 1931 Twolite headlamp
Tip - Leaking Carburetor! One leaking float valve solution
Rare! - Diagonal Grain Material Sport Coupe & Victoria roofs
Does your light switch rattle? What you may be missing!
Starting with a hand crank Safe and easy instructions
Flexible front engine mount Is your front engine mount too tall?
More on engine overheating Does this apply to you?
Rebuilding the Gemmer Steering A must see - by Bob Carabbio
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