Model A Ford Closed Car Roof Installation - Page Eight

With the roof cover pin tacked all around, the tacks can now be "set" or driven home. Finally trimming of the excess topping can begin. Trim close to the tacks but carefully following the line. The goal is to be sure the raw cut edge will be covered by the moulding or hidem, which ever is used.

If a moulding will be used across the front leave the cover long as shown. If hidem is to be used then trim the front just like the sides and rear.


This view shows the bases of the two piece mouldings carefully positioned and nailed in place. This is the stage where the front excess material is trimmed with the two piece moulding. With the fold down aluminum front moulding the material is trimmed after installation. In both cases the excess is trimmed with a fresh razor blade or sharp razor knife as close as possible.


The rear corner is completed except for the moulding caps.


©1998 Marco Tahtaras