Model A Ford Closed Car Roof Installation - Page Five

With the roof cover still folded in half, carefully place it in position with the fold near the center marks on the body. Care must be taken to not shift or otherwise disturb the cotton wadding. Roll the other half over and double check your center marks. Adjust if required, again being careful of the wadding.

Pin tack either front or rear with 3-4 tacks at center (see "Using tacks..."). Fewer number of tacks may pull out or rip through the cover when performing the initial stretch. Stretch and tack similarly on the opposite end. Pull just enough to see the pull marks down the center. If the weather is cool and without sun this will take a little pulling. If you are working under summer sun you will want to pull easily and carefully.


The next step is to work outward towards a front corner. Pull in the direction of the red arrow. Nearly all stretching is done lengthwise slightly diagonal outward from center. As you add tacks outward from center, pull as snug as possible without loosening the tension at the previously placed tacks. Experiment with pulling the cover and you will see what I mean. Stop 4-6" short of the corner. Repeat the process at the rear stopping short of the roof opening or body seam. Now repeat the process on the other side of the roof cover, front and back.

Keep in mind that with pin tacking you can always make corrections by easily removing tacks with diagonal cutters and re-tacking. Also keep in mind that if you pull the covering too tight and want to release it some, there may be some tack holes that won't be hidden.


With the front and rear 90% done, pull each side snug without distorting the grain direction and pin tack each side near center with a couple tacks on each side. It should be nice and smooth across the center.


©1998 Marco Tahtaras