Model A Ford Closed Car Roof Installation - Page Four

The cotton wadding is positioned over the opening and carefully smoothed out. The seam or split between the sections of wadding is placed BETWEEN two roof ribs. This reduces the likelihood of the seam ever showing through the covering.


After the wadding is laid out and smoothed, the excess is carefully trimmed. On models such as Tudors and '28-29 Coupes the sides and rear are trimmed up to 3/16" from the edge of the metal roof. The front on all models and sides and rear of other models have a raised bead or ridge that bridges the roof covering. The wadding is cut up to 3/16" behind these ridges so it doesn't pull over the top of these ridges and cause lumps in the covering.

Please note the tape and paper paint protection. Also note the centerline mark for locating the roof covering.


The last and possibly most important bit of preparation! A couple loose wraps of thin tape allowing the fingers to bend somewhat will save those knuckles!


©1998 Marco Tahtaras