Model A Ford Closed Car Roof Installation - Page Three

We placed a layer of light cotton duck fabric over the poultry wire. This is optional but further improves the foundation. It also allows a better opportunity to see any high spots or bends in the poultry wire. Push lightly on the high spots and the wire will level nicely.


For the padding we use cotton wadding. The width of the wadding available today isn't wide enough to cover the roof opening. The solution is to cut two lengths slightly longer than the width of the opening. The mating edges are then trimmed very neatly so the pieces can be butted with no overlaps, openings, or lumps. If the edges of the strips are neat and true enough this can be skipped.

Some people choose to use foam rubber for the padding. Although easier, I don't recommend it. It's nearly impossible to achieve the quality appearance and it will tend to degrade with time.


When installing the roof cover, any more than about 5" extra on each end tends to get in the way. Measure the roof front to back at the tack holes VERY carefully. Allow 10" extra on the cover material and cut off any excess.

Fold the covering in half lengthwise and mark the center at each end. A china marker is ideal. Avoid using ink from writing pens anywhere near a car!


©1998 Marco Tahtaras