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Understanding Model A Part Numbers

This August 1, 1929 chassis Parts Price List was typical of Model A parts books

Throughout Model A production various parts books were sent to the dealers to inform them of parts availability, changes and pricing. The parts books were separated into three categories. The first was the Parts Price List, which covered chassis part numbers, descriptions, quantity, and prices. The second was the Body Parts List, which covered body part numbers and descriptions. The last was the Body Parts Price List, which listed prices by part number only. For a list of parts books applicable to U.S. production, see below or click HERE.

During Model A production, periodic updates were released including twelve chassis Parts Price Lists and five Body Parts Lists. Many changes in Model A components can be dated (approximately) using the various parts books. The key is not only the addition of new numbers, but the addition or changes of suffix letters. In the following example the carburetor adjusting rod (commonly known as the choke rod) is shown with the listings from all the applicable parts books.


Parts Price
List Date:
Part Number: Description and Explanation:
Jan-01-28 A-9700 Carburetor adjusting rod (choke rod)
Oct-01-28 A-9700-AR Same item
  • "A" suffix added indicates there is a
    new design carrying the "B" suffix
  • "R" suffix added indicates that this version
    is no longer used in production
A-9700-B New design
- as shown above, replaces old rod A-9700
Jun-01-29 No Change No Change
Aug-01-29 No Change No Change
Oct-01-29 No Change No Change
Dec-01-29 No Change No Change
Mar-01-30 A-9700-AR
Original design - Still listed and available through service
"R" suffix added to the "B" indicates no longer used in production
"C" suffix indicates it is a third version - Currently used in production
Jun-15-30 No Change No Change
Oct-20-30 No Change No Change
Feb-01-31 No Change No Change
Jul-01-31 No Change No Change

Some parts were obsoleted without having a similar replacement. EXAMPLE:
    A-2473 Brake equalizer operating shaft pin

When the brake system was redesigned eliminating the need for this part in late 1928 it became:     A-2473-R Brake equalizer operating shaft pin

The "R" suffix again showing that it was no longer used in production, but available through service.

Suffix changes such as A,B,C,D only occurred when a part was redesigned significantly enough to make it incompatible with associated components. Minor redesigns didn't require a change in the part number, therefore, can only be dated with the use of Ford records, blueprints, Service Bulletins, Branch letters and observations of original cars.  


Other parts books are thought to exist. The above list is a complete list of those books confirmed by the editor.
Ford Model "A" Parts Books
Chassis Parts Books
Title Date Part Number
& Desc.
Part Number
& Price
Parts Price List Jan. 1, 1928  
Apr. 15, 1928  
Oct. 1, 1928
Jun. 1, 1929
Aug. 1, 1929
Oct. 1, 1929
Dec. 1, 1929
Mar. 1, 1930
Jun. 15, 1930
Oct. 20, 1930
Feb. 1, 1931
Jul. 1, 1931
Dec. 20, 1932
Body Parts Books
Body Parts Price List May 1, 1928
Dec. 1, 1928
Body Parts List Nov. 15, 1929  
Body Parts Price List Jan. 1, 1930  
Body Parts List Aug. 15, 1930  
Nov. 1, 1930
May 1, 1931  
Apr. 1, 1932  


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