Roadster Door Problems & Corrections

Roadsters usually will have a severe outward gap at the bottom of the doors. The first impression is that the doors are twisted. This is rarely the case unless the doors were run over by a car!!! The rear quarters sag outward at the top with time (and abuse), eventually cracking about 13" behind the door. A cable, turn buckle, and a couple of home made brackets will allow the top of one side to be pulled towards the floor on the other side to correct. It will require pulling somewhat beyond to take a set in the correct position. If cracks (as mentioned above) are to be repaired, it is a good time to do it with the cable holding the quarter in the correct position. If a severe correction was required, the body may need to be re-shimmed to loosen the gap at the belt-line.

Additional notes: The cowl tank (gas tank) should be properly bolted in place and the body properly shimmed during all fitting and adjustments. If there seems to be a problem with one side negatively effecting the other side when shimming, loosen all the gas tank mounting hardware to allow the cowl to twist and relax, then retighten.

Sometimes one door will fit well at the bottom and the other has a severe sag outward. Be sure the rear body section isn't leaning over making one side look better than it really is. If not properly corrected the body will not be symmetrical.

View the top of the doors, quarters, etc., from both front and rear. The curvature should flow smoothly from front to rear and the body should be symmetrical.


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