Overview of original conduits .


A - 1928-early '29 headlamp conduit made from brass. These were used with all Ford "H" headlamps. I believe this is an original which was chrome plated during a "restoration" 40-50 years ago.

B & C - These are both 1929 headlamp conduits made of brass and nickel plated. These were used with 1929 type Twolite Headlamps. I suspect one of the two was Ford's design and the other an alternate design from an outside supplier. If there were usage dates specified by Ford for either or both is unknown at this time.

D - The common rustless steel headlamp conduit used throughout 1930-31 on passenger cars and Deluxe commercial models.

E - 1930-31 rustless steel horn conduit. All horn conduits followed this pattern but were mad of nickel plated brass in 1928-29.

F - 1930-31 non-metallic conduit (composite image). These were used on standard "A" and "AA" commercial models which had black enameled headlamp cases. These were designed for use with the new 1930 style commercial bodies which were introduced in late June 1930. They MAY not have appeared in production until August 1930.


- The extended length of the headlamp conduits varied all years. I have a fairly large sampling and all types ranged from 7" to a little over 8". The majority fall between 7-1/4" and 7-3/4" long. As an example of variation, I have a pair of each of the '29 type conduits shown which came on a single vehicle in each case. The length from one side to the other differed by approximately 1/2". The longer of the two has just over two additional spiral wraps.

- I don't have a suitable sampling of horn conduits to provide a range on the lengths.

- The outside diameter measures .485"-.490" on the 1928 type headlamp conduits and all horn conduits. The larger Twolite headlamp conduits average .545".

- Of approximately 20 samples of the "rustless steel" conduits, all are magnetic stainless except for one lamp conduit and one horn conduit which are non-magnetic.

- It's important to note that the telltale sign of original conduits the shape of the end bushings on each type. I've never seen any replacements or reproductions that match up although I believe A&L makes the latest type good enough to fool the casual observer.

Finally, the photo below shows a few NOS non-metallic headlamp conduits. Note the difference in the design of the bushing at the headlamp end. I suspect these were made in the mid-late 1930's as service replacements. The few used originals I've seen as well as archive photos that show the conduits all show the design above.


NOS headlamp conduits for Standard commercial models


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