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Welcome back to the Main Garage

The second stop in the Main Garage is the stall where we park our 1930 Model A Ford Deluxe Roadster. Entering the new year with cool, wet climate, we're anxious for some Roadster Weather and some real site seeing!

Following the table below will take you on a mini tour of photos and information about our 40-B Deluxe Roadster. When you're ready to move on for new Ford Model A topics, click on the arrow to visit The Workshop.

From Dream to . . .
The story with photos
The 40-B Deluxe
Production information
Original Advertisement
From May 1931
  Choose Your Color!
Choose an original color
from the drop-down menu
The Restoration Project - What a Project!
The Frame
Riveting and preparation
The Chassis
Miscellaneous photos
Taking Over the House
Or how to test a marriage!
The Metal Work
Examples of problems
Paint Preparation
Preparing the body for paint
Body In Paint
Finally some color!
Interior & Top
Upholstery in progress
Any Requests?
E-mail a request
The Finished Roadster - The Details
Engine Compartment
Overall views
Interior Trim
Interior details
Exterior Top
Details & information
Interior Top
Details & information
Exterior Details
Misc. Odds & Ends
The Ford Battery
Designed for servicing
Hardware, Clamps, Etc.
General Information
Additional Photos
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