Odds & Ends - Brightwork

A close-up view of original luggage rack hardware. All the pivot bolts and nuts were fine thread. The flat steel hook (not shown) and all fasteners were cadmium plated.

The original radiator shell emblem for 1930 had dull chrome plating on the script and around the perimeter. The satin silver appearance evident here is typical of chrome plating over unpolished nickel. The color/appearance is the same on any unpolished chrome plated areas i.e., bumper edges and backs, luggage rack rear side, etc.

The bumper clamps had the usual dents, scrapes, etc. The stainless skins were removed, repaired, buffed, and reinstalled over freshly restored bases. It required custom tooling and 8-10 hours each!

An attempt to photograph the headlamp script. The script is a deep "style B" shown in the Mar-Apr 1984 issue of The Restorer

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