Headlamps - Page 2

All headlamp lenses had a die number either in the upper center, or on the lower edge (hidden). The purpose was to quickly identify a worn or broken die. It was unusual for two lenses from the same die to end up as a pair. Surprisingly, this is a matching pair from the same box!

There were several variations of the "Ford Twolight Headlamp" script on lenses. However, they all matched on a set of dies and complete shipments of lenses would match except for the various die numbers.

The original headlamp bulbs were either 21-21 Candle Power or 32-21 C.P. (high beam-low beam) depending on the legal limit in the state where the car was sold. In late 1930 a 32-32 C.P. bulb was offered through service where legal. Headlamp adjustment and focusing was so important that Ford reminded their dealers that just replacing the bulbs required refocusing of the lamps.


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