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1930-31 headlamps were produced with different versions of the "Ford Twolight Headlamp" script. There are four versions documented, and possibly more. The script above is a deep "style B" shown in the Mar-Apr 1984 issue of The Restorer.

This view of the headlamp underside shows the finishes of the headlamp components. The mounting bracket, swivel stud and assembly rivets are cadmium plated. The headlamp door latch bracket, latch stud and spring, and tubular rivet are also cadmium plated. The latch stud support protruding through the door (rim), and the latch are stainless (nickel in 1928-29). Note the tear drop shaped transition from flat to round on the latch stud (indicated by the arrow). This was common to all model A production.

The rear view shows the cadmium plated rivets, etc. The single chamfered hex nut was changed from black enameled to raven finished mid-1930 and the lock washer was black enameled all years. The headlamp wire conduit is typical of original 1930-31 conduits.


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