Frame Assembly - The Restoration

The black is satin to simulate the original chassis black

The original frame had a front cross member that was ruined from breakage and subsequent repair. Further inspection revealed that in addition to some other minor problems, the car had been broadsided. This left both side rails bowed to the left over 1/4!

Most of the pieces required. The remaining pieces where located after the photo was taken.

I decided a new frame was in order, after all I see decent frames frequently! Well you can guess what happened, all those frames just disappeared! While looking for a frame I encountered an unused original front cross member and purchased it for backup with the old frame.

Note the plain steel rivets. The separate pieces were bead blasted and sprayed with a single coat of primer sealer, then assembled.

Time went by, and still no frame to be found. I found unused center and rear cross members and thought "I hope not, but it may come to this", so I brought them home.

The pieces were bolted tightly together and carefully checked for symmetry (not shown). The bolts were then replaced with rivets one by one.

Well, things didn't change much. I couldn't find a frame, but kept finding unused pieces and the collection grew. With up to seven variations of almost every component, I had been fortunate enough to find all pieces correct for my October 1930 production date.

The rear cross member shows a good example of the stamping marks clearly visible in most of the parts.

I soon came down to needing side rails. I remembered an ad that turned out to be ten years old. The owner had moved twice (different states), but still had the rails when I located him in Arkansas.

The corner bracket at the rear cross member shows the rivets before brush touch-up with primer sealer.

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©1998 Marco Tahtaras