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The bumpers measure 60" in length (from the center of the eyes) as with all cars after approximately August 1930. The arms had square cut ends. Rounded end began appearing in early 1931. Note the dull silver color on the edges and back. The original plating process was similar to today's, i.e., Copper plate, then nickel plate, then chrome. However, the nickel plate over the copper base produced a dull gray finish unless buffed. Buffing the face produced a high luster in the nickel and the final chrome produced the color and contrast shown with no reflective quality in the un buffed areas.

The bumper spacers are an alternate design that began appearing in August. They're made from two pressed steel caps butt welded together over a steel sleeve. The end bolts are raven finish (black oxide) with black enameled heads. The black enameled hex nut is 5/8"x1/4" thick with single chamfer. Until Late 1929/early 1930, These nuts measured 11/16" hex. The lock washers were unfinished all years.


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