Deluxe Fordor - Roof & Drip Mouldings

Front view showing the typical roof mouldings used on fordor models (excluding 60-A,B,C) and 1930-31 coupes, until May 1931. The front moulding is the 5/8" center closing type that conceals the nails. The sides and rear moulding is aluminum with exposed nails. This was used alternatively with a center closing type on all bodies mentioned.

Another view of the front moulding showing the slight clearance from the drip moulding. Note the #6 slotted wood screw securing the front of the drip moulding. This was typical of two piece drip mouldings when no finishing tip was used.

A close-up view of showing the rear of the drip moulding. The finishing tip used was also used on the Town Car.


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