170-B Deluxe Fordor Production Information

Deluxe Fordor trimmed in mohair - Ford Archives Photo

The History
Prior to the introduction of the slant windshield models in April 1931, there were six different two-window fordor models. All of these fordor bodies were built and supplied by Briggs Manufacturing of Detroit, Michigan.

The first of these models was the 60-A Leather Back introduced in mid 1928. It was distinguished by a brown artificial leather top extending down the rear quarters to the belt rail. With the introduction of the 1929 models, it was replaced by the 60-B. The 60-B was the same body, trimmed with black long-short grain artificial leather top material.

In early 1929 the 60-C Steel Back version of the same body was added. In mid 1929, with production of the larger Town Sedan body in full swing, Briggs managed a change from the 60-C to a new Two Window model based on the larger Town Sedan body. The new model was also a standard model and was designated the 170-A.

In 1930 the Two Window fordor was fitted with the new cowl assembly and redesignated the 170-B. In April 1930 the Briggs body Two Window fordor underwent it's final change. It became the Deluxe Fordor sedan or 170-B Deluxe. It was trimmed nearly identical to the Town Sedan and remained unchanged until replaced by the slant windshield models.

The Deluxe Fordor was produced for a twelve month period between April 1930 and April 1931. A mere 13,594 were produced between the two model years.*

Paint Colors

Deluxe Fordor Sedan (170-B Deluxe) Paint Colors
Lower body,
Window Reveals
Upper Body,
Belt moulding
Kewanee Green Elkpointe Green Apple Green
Thorne Brown Thorne Brown Tacoma Cream
Chicle Drab Copra Drab Straw
1 Copra Drab Chicle Drab Straw
2 Black Black Vermilion
3 Black Black Apple Green
4 Andalusite Blue Black French Gray
5 Andalusite Blue Black Aurora Red
6 Lombard Blue Black Hessian Blue
3 Brewster Green Black Apple Green
7 Ford Maroon Black Vermilion
1 Dropped November 1930
2 Dropped September 1930
3 Available October 1930
4 Early 1930
5 Dropped August 1930
6 Available September 1930
7 Available November 1930