1930 Deluxe Fordor

Our New Fordor (almost)

Studying the various Model 'A' body types as a youngster, I always appreciated the stately demeanor of the two-window fordors. With early exposure to a very nice Leatherback sedan, I knew someday I would own a fordor. But being young and adventurous, a roadster had to come first.

By the mid 1970's I was driving an unrestored '29 roadster daily. By then I knew the future fordor would be a 1930 Deluxe Fordor. But first-things-first, I wanted to replace my roadster with a good restorable '30 Deluxe Roadster. By 1980, having accomplished this the only thing still standing in the way was the restoration of the roadster (and money!).

What seemed like "just around the corner" turned into many years. 1995 was passing by, the roadster was finally near completion, but the time still wasn't quite right. An unexpected phone call from a friend triggered anxiety that would challenge my rationale.

A 170-B Deluxe Fordor had become available with a reported 24,000 original miles! I just wasn't ready, but it seemed like an opportunity I couldn't ignore. After some lively discussion, Susan and I decided to take a quick 400-mile drive south. The thought was, it may be less than described and we could return home knowing we didn't miss an opportunity.

The fordor wasn't preserved as well as other 'A's of similar mileage, but the original paint on the body was quite respectable and the interior was extremely comfortable. The body wood was as tight and solid as if it were made yesterday. And finally, the fordor was tighter and drove better than many restored cars I've driven.

The return trip was filled with more anxiety, planning and strategy. After numerous phone conversations (and more anxiety) I returned to southern California to bring OUR new fordor home.

Loading up our new fordor in southern California

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©1998 Marco Tahtaras