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Welcome to the Main Garage

In the first stall you'll find our 1930 Model 'A' Ford Deluxe Fordor. With the start of the New Year our Fordor has logged a total of 26,021 miles since it rolled off the assembly line in May 1930.

Following the table below will take you on a mini tour of photos and information about the 170-B Deluxe Fordor. When you're ready to move on for another Model 'A' Ford, click on the arrow to see more of the Main Garage.

Our New Fordor
The story with photos
The 170-B Deluxe
Production information
Original Advertisement
From July 1930
Interior Photos and information
Mahogany Woodgrain
Original dash rail up close
Rear Seat Compartment
Space and comfort!
Rear Window Curtain
Rear curtain details
Interior Odds & Ends
Dome Switch, Etc.
Front Compartment
More comfort!
What would you like to see?
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Exterior Photos, information and Miscellaneous
Firewall Data Plates
With Briggs body tag
Roof Mouldings
Including drip mouldings
Door sills
Sill covers and scuff plates
What would you like to see?
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