Dash Rail Woodgrain

Note: The grain follows the curvature of the dash rail
Original mahogany woodgrained dashrail

The Process
Woodgraining was a three-step process. The first step was simply applying a base color of reddish-brown pyroxylin lacquer. The second step was the application of dark colored ink.

Unlike some of the earlier models which had the ink applied by hand with a special brush, the Deluxe Fordor had the grain applied with a gum roller. The areas that weren't reached properly with the roller were blended by hand. This method provided a finer grain, rapid application and more consistency in color saturation.

The final step was the application of a protective coating of clear pyroxylin that provided a moderate gloss.

Close-up of the dash rail shows more of the woodgrain detail. Also visible is some of the wear accumulated over sixty-eight years.

Careful review shows some subtle brush blending of the grain

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