Rear Window Curtain

A typical 1930 deluxe curtain used with brown trim

All Model 'A' closed bodies had a curtain at the rear window. Town sedans, Victorias (to April '31), and Town Cars also had curtains at the rear quarters. Deluxe models used fabric with a pattern while standard models used plain fabric.

The Fabric
The "diamond" pattern fabric was made in two colors. The brown (shown here) was used with brown mohair and brown Bedford cord. A green version was used with green mohair. This fabric was used in all deluxe models from 1930 introduction to approximately April 1931 when the fabric pattern was changed and the tassel was replaced with a tab.

Close-up of fabric and roller - The fabric is one color with the diamond pattern woven with reflective thread. The roller is galvanized with the exposed ends brushed with brown lacquer. The fabric is slipped into a channel in the roller.

The Roller and Brackets
The roller is typical of '29 Town sedans, and all 1930-31 models. It measures 3/4" dia. and is galvanized (many rollers were gray zinc plated). Most rollers do NOT have the ends painted as shown above. The brackets are nickel plated and have a small hole behind the roller to attach the brown twisted cord.

The tassel was common to all curtains made from this fabric. The wooden cap had a woven cover to match the curtain (this one gave way to sun damage).

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