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Welcome to the Corral

The Corral is where our visitors park their Ford Model 'A's. Here we offer a glimpse of their cars with an attempt to show some of the more distinctive details of each.

The following table includes some of the visitors we've spent time with. As different Model 'A's enter the Corral and time permits, we'll share details of some of the best. When you're ready to move on, click on the arrow for Model 'A' Ford links and head Down the Road.

Body Type - Model Visitor/Owner
 40-A   1929 Roadster Doug Clayton - Pleasanton, CA
 40-B    1930 Standard Roadster Ralph Moceo - Santa Cruz, CA
 45-B    1931 Standard Coupe Tim Johnstone - McAllen, TX
 49-A    1928 Special Coupe Dave Lopes - Simi Valley, CA
 60-A    1928 Leather Back Fordor Jack Richard - Los Altos, CA
 60-C    1929 Steel Back Fordor Stewart Murray - Burton, MI
140-A    1929 Town Car Carle Garrett - Fort Mitchell, KY
400-A    1931 Convertible Sedan Roy Querio - Alamo, CA
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