1929 "Steel Back" Fordor - 60-C (Unrestored)

The model 60-C "Steel Back" Fordor was the third and last of 60 series Fordor Sedans. Introduced as a 1929 model, was only produced until mid-year. The most distinctive feature exclusive to this model is the roof material and trim moulding extending downward to the roof drip moulding.


Owned and driven by Stew since 1955, the Fordor has a whopping 42,000 original miles! The original paint is Rose Beige and Seal brown with some good remains of the orange stripe.


The Steel Back Fordor was trimmed in brown hairline cloth, with plain brown cloth on the seat back, side walls, and doors. The floor covering is brown carpet in the rear and black starburst rubber in the front.


The front doors had the traditional door pocket, but the rear doors were plain. The window trim mouldings were finished in Mocha Brown. As with the other early Briggs built models, the inside door handles had the pointed tops.

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