1928 Leather Back Fordor - Continued

A good example of a mid-1928 engine compartment. Note the square type starter switch with cottered push rod. It was required with the tall contact post of the early starters. The oil dipstick is the bayonet style. The fan shroud has a trough along the bottom for the wiring to the right headlamp.


The early models with the left hand brake lever used a special small floor plate forward of the shifter. A large rubber "washer" was tacked to the floor board to seal around the shifter. Not much remains of the pyramid rubber pad around the column and pedals, except the metal core. This type floor weather pad was used on all models using the multiple disk clutch. Thereafter the pedal spacing was different. Note the large button for the starter switch. The push rod for the early switch used the same button as the accelerator.

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