1928 Leather Back Fordor - 60-A

This early Fordor is finished in Balsam green, with Valley green upper body and Pembroke gray reveals and windshield frame.


The 60-A Leather back was the first Model A Fordor sedan. The Fordor was announced in early 1928, but didn't go into production until mid-May. Jack's Fordor was built in June making it one of the earlier production models. The most identifying feature of the 1928 Leather back was the brown pebble grain artificial leather roof trim. The Leather back fordor bodies were produced by Briggs Manufacturing Co., in space leased from Ford at the partially vacated Highland Park plant in Dearborn, Michigan.

One unique feature of the early Fordor was the ventilator in the left cowl panel. Observations of original Fordors indicate the ventilator was discontinued in mid-late August 1928.


With Ford's introduction of the 1929 models in November-December 1928, The 60-A Fordor was replaced by the 60-B Leather back Fordor. The 60-B Fordor is characterized by it's black artificial leather roof trim. It also included many changes in the interior trim.

The header design and visor treatment are unique to the Leather back Fordor. The two piece (base & cap) front roof moulding is also unique to the Leather back. It measures 11/16" wide and uses corresponding end tips.

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