1930 Standard Roadster - 40-B (Unrestored)

The Roadster was just driven out of storage for a few snapshots. The color is Lumbard Blue with Hessian Blue stripe (sound familiar?). The assembly date is late October 1930. The actual milage accrued since 1930 is just over 18,000!


This Roadster had been repainted maroon early in it's history. Ralph spent countless painstaking hours color sanding the maroon back to the original finish. The results were truly outstanding.


The interior trim is black-brown two-tone cobra cross grain artificial leather. The doors and cowl trim are matching cardboard in exceptional condition.


A close-up view of the original windshield trademark. This is one of two trademarks used in 1930-31. It's done in black, located between the glass laminations. Although the car was assembled in late October, the windshield was manufactured in September 1930 ("309"). Ironically, the glass was installed backwards from the factory so the trademark is readable from the driver's seat.

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