1931 Convertible Sedan - 400-A

I wish I had a better portrait of this beautiful "A-400". The colors are Brewster Green body and reveals, black belt and upper body, and Apple Green stripe and wheels.


The seat surfaces, backrest sides, and welts were "deep brown crush grain" genuine leather. The seat facings and backs were matching artificial leather. I should have removed the contents of the door pocket before taking this photo!


A view of the rear seat. The side armrests mounted to the quarter panels are also covered in genuine leather. A slight glimpse of the "walnut grain" window mouldings is shown here.


The carpets are light brown with a "rose" tint, with edge binding to match the seats and panels. If you look carefully you can see the "Cinch" grommets in the folded backrest cushion. These were installed as breather vents and have been found in both nickel finish and brown lacquer to match the leather. The seat frames were also painted in lacquer to match the trim.

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