1929 Town Car - 140-A

This beautiful Town Car is finished in Madras Carbuncle with Casino red stripe. As with all Town Cars, the entire body is finished in black with the lower body color added to the outside panels only.


The door latches were plated. Special plates were positioned on the doors to protect the paint from door bumper wear.

The front compartment was trimmed in fine long-short grain genuine leather. The seat riser and cowl trim panels were covered with matching artificial leather.

The rear compartment was trimmed with Bedford cord on the seat cushions, wool broadcloth side trim and headliner, and wool wilton carpeting on the floor, heel board, toe board and hassocks.


The method of construction, detail, and appearance of the trim were much like the expensive cars of the era. The right rear armrest has a pocket below and an ashtray with cigar lighter in the top. All the trim mouldings, handles and escutcheons were finished with mocha brown.

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